Investing In the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Our Generation

Empire Angels is a member-led, New York City & London based angel fund and network comprised of experienced young professionals with a wide range of backgrounds investing in early stage ventures with a focus on supporting young entrepreneurs. We’re peers investing in peers, and are generalist investors. The group is collaborative, open source and transparent, providing a democratic framework with highly filtered deal flow and member training.  Empire Angels, through it’s individual members and fund, typically invests between $50k and $350k in both seed and Series A rounds. EA invests in early stage, capital efficient companies led by dedicated, young founders with a clever solution, large target market and initial user engagement, as well as a clear path to meaningful revenue generation in the next 6-12 months. Empire Angels hosts monthly meetings to hear company presentations before pursuing active discussions.

Empire Angels has the youngest membership of any angel group in the country and is the only organization focused on engaging a Millennial generation of angel investors.



Example Areas of Focus

Members have a strong interest in a wide variety of consumer businesses, particularly those leveraging mobile, with a clear path to revenue and additional user acquisition

FinTech and Payments
Particularly solutions focused on serving Millennial customers or disruptive, distributed computing technologies

 Enterprise Software
Enterprise software, particularly SaaS models, make up a growing portion of our portfolio