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Non-traditional wedding venues enhanced with online planning tools that allows couples to create personal weddings at barns, farms, estates, gardens and more, from the comfort of their couch. Each venue has flat pricing, upfront availability, and online booking.

Superpedestrian is a horizontal technology provider for micromobility companies. Superpedestrian has the first micromobility platform built on intelligent electric vehicles and cloud tools. Autonomous technologies enable safe and profitable shared fleets. 

Popsy is one the fastest growing AI-powered mobile application to buy & sell locally building the next generation of classifieds. Using Artificial Intelligence, selling any item is as simple as taking a photo. Popsy’s image recognition technology suggests in real time a title, price and category.

The Prom

From the creators of the Book of Mormon, comes The Prom. A new musical comedy that proves there’s no business like getting in other people’s business. On Broadway since Fall 2018.

Orionis Biosciences

Pioneering how drugs will be developed over the next 20 years in Immuno-Oncology. Led by a world class team of top scientific and drug development professionals, Orionis is helping reprogram human biology.

Willie's Superbrew

Real ginger beer – 4x less sugar than any other ginger beer along with real, fresh ingredients. A 4.5% alcoholic base from fermented cane sugar & champagne yeast make its light & gluten-free. Finally, a craft ginger beer!

Zest Tea

HIGH OCTANE TEA. The combination of the caffeine and L-Theanine (a rare amino acid) in Zest Tea has a synergistic effect that prolongs the energy levels and creates a more steady alertness. No jitters, no crash.


Kenzen ECHO is a small, flexible patch that helps you better understand your physiology, Quietly measuring around the clock, get personalized health insights and notifications to help improve performance, recovery and prevent injury.


Enertiv is a leading energy data and analytics company based in New York City. The company specializes in the collection, visualization and analysis of real-time energy data in commercial, multi-family and industrial buildings.


Speakaboos is the educational technology company that promotes learning through interactive media for children. The multi-platform Speakaboos reading app supports literacy skills for kids 2-6.


Juno Treats Drivers Better, Drivers Treat You Better. Offering better driver incentives and a better customer experience for ride sharing.

Mah Ze Dahr

Mah Ze Dahr Bakery. Created by Umber Ahmad, Discovered by Tom Colicchio, MZD is an award winning bakery located in NYC. MZD is expanding globally.


Imperative offers solutions for organizations interested in building employee cultures alive with purpose. Employees take a personality test that helps them understand how to get the most out of their work.


Socure’s Social Biometrics™ solution detects fraudulent users on your website and mobile application using advanced machine learning algorithms. Socure uses AI and machine learning to detect if an ID is authentic, fraudulent or a bot.

The Infatuation

Restaurant reviews for the people! Infatuation was created for food enthusiasts, not food critics. “The world was in need of an unpretentious, unapologetic restaurant review website with a difficult name…Infatuation was born” – CNN


LiftMetrix acts as the personal data scientist for brands on social media. Social Media Analytic companies give brands the numbers, LiftMetrix turns it into a story. LiftMetrix is helping brands determine their dollar and cents ROI on social.


Hullabalu is an interactive iPad app for kids, detailing the adventures of Pan the fearless Beribolt Hullabalu has launched 3 apps where children engage with the story to progress through the adventure. Hullabalu is the next big kids brand across digital media.


Nielsen for Social Media. StatSocial delivers Twitter analytics that help marketers understand their social consumers. StatSocial offers an unparalleled level of demographic and psychographic insights from consumer data aggregated from over sixty social sites.


WeeSpring helps parents collect advice from their friends about what they need for their growing family. It is the go-to resource for parents making purchases. WeeSpring amplifies word-of-mouth recommendations and delivers unparalleled insights to brands.


Vodio delivers custom filtered videos to Android and iOS users. Using the knowledge of the crowd, mixed with personal tastes and interests, Vodio adapts to show users video content they’ll love. Vodio is featured as an iOS App Essential in the News and Video Category.


Basno is a place to create and collect digital badges which recognize great accomplishments, skills, commitments, membership and expertise. Basno badges grant owners’ recognition from friends, family, and businesses. Behind every great badge is a story and a community of amazing people doing extraordinary things.


Fundation is an online lending platform through which small businesses can get fixed-rate term loans of up to $250,000, approved in 15 minutes and funded in just a few days. Fundation targets small businesses that banks neglect and OnDeck or FundingClub doesn’t attract.

Human Demand

Human Demand provides mobile advertisers with a transparent, real-time optimized ad platform. Human Demand utilizes a smart algorithm to buy mobile ads at optimized prices and app placement so customers can view the results of their ad program.


Zoom is the first large-scale membership based, self-drive car club in India. Zoom provides convenient vehicle availability to Indians at an affordable price. Zoom has 100+ cars on the road and a growing following in Bangalore, India.

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