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Empire Angels is a member led group of young, New York based professionals dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs that disrupt the status quo. Though each makes his or her own investment decisions, our members collaborate on investment review and due diligence and pool our funds to provide meaningful capital. Members understand risk and reward in early stage investing are positively correlated and take a long term view on any potential returns.

Our Members:

  • Are accredited investors under Rule 501 of the Securities Act
  • Are eager to provide mentorship to entrepreneurs, particularly those in our peer group
  • Actively engage in networking opportunities with both entrepreneurs and other angels investors
  • Provide expertise from broad networks with diverse backgrounds in a variety of industries
  • Must take an active role in both sourcing and evaluating opportunities by serving on at least one group committee
  • Agree to make at least one investment per calendar year
  • Attend no less than 50% of member meetings and investment pitches per calendar year
  • Seek out new members in their personal network with experience and resources in marketing, sales, operations, accounting, finance, entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Understand the risks associated with angel investing